I Need a Warning

I totally embarrassed my roommate today when I walked in on them having transvestite crossdressing Newcastle fun with their boyfriend. As soon as I heard it I busted out laughing at her which made her hang up the phone rather quickly. As soon as her phone was off she looked at me with the biggest smile I have ever seen. If it wasn’t for her rosy red cheeks I would have never guessed she was embarrassed by the way she smiled. I guess this is her Tuesday morning routine, this is just the first time I have ever heard of it. At least now I know that I need to make plans for that particular morning so I do not have to sit and listen to that type of conversation. I just wish I had a warning this time around.

See What Happens

If there is one thing in this world I love to do it is traveling. Last year on my two week vacation I went to Leeds with a few close friends. We had the time of our lives there and indulged in some amazing adult activities. But I have to say my favorite thing I did there was go on a date with a lady from Leeds escorts. The woman was absolutely beautiful and had a personality to die for. I still talk about the fun I had to this day. I was going to go back to Leeds this year but figured I’d try some place tropic. Due to the cold weather I think I would really like to go somewhere warm for a while. But we will see what happens.

Night and Day Double lives of Linda

Linda was a shy woman with a mousey appearance. She never spoke of her life or her family. On the outside, Linda took on the role of a secretary with dark frame glasses and goofy clothes. On the inside, she was a Double Agent, with an exciting life and many different travels. Each day, Linda would wake up, get her work clothes on, and walk to the office. She hid herself behind those goofy clothes and glasses while took dictation and answered the phones. When she left work, she would always walk down the same street to her brownstone apartment. Unlocking her door, she would begin to remove the goofy clothes and glasses to a life of mystery and excitement. Unknowing to everyone else, Linda was leading a double life. By day, she was a secretary but by night, she would dream of the l woman with Nottingham escorts double life.

Thankful For A Cell Phone

I work two jobs and have my own place and I am so behind on my bills right now that it is driving me crazy. Silly me decided to take all of my savings and go on a trip for a couple of weeks, I will say that it was well worth it until I came home.

Both of my jobs approved my vacation and I came back to only having one job. The job that I was making pretty good money at fired me. So I started looking for another place to work and I found one within a week. Now I am playing catch up with all of my utilities, rent and car payment.

I dropped my cell phone and broke it the other day and I had no money to replace it. My fuck buddy London came to my house and surprised me with a new phone. The best part is that she told me I do not have to pay her back.

Husbands Wild Friend

I love my husbands friend to death but he likes to live on the wild side more than most. His wife stays at home and has no clue of what goes on almost daily with her man. He leaves for work in the morning for his sales meetings and only works a couple of hours. She thinks that he works like ten hours a day, little does she know he is outing playing with the Manchester escorts.

After his meetings he will meet up with these girls and sometimes stay out for days at a time. He tells his wife that he had an emergency and had to leave town with his boss. After a day or two of partying he will go home exhausted from play and blame it on work. I can not believe that she has not figured this nonsense out. I keep my mouth shut and just play along!

Satisfied When Needed

I have had a fuck buddy or three in the past at one given time, I like to do exiting things and take it to the extreme. Over the years, I now have just one that I stick with because too many problems ended up happening. I had girls knocking on my door at the same time looking for me and then start fighting in my front yard.

Another woman got angry with me because I told her that I had plans for the night. She ended up keying my car and threw a beer bottle through my picture window. I was having fun but these girls where starting to make me spend my hard earned money on nonsense. I had to pay the deductible for my car and window to get fixed and that was not very cheap. Sticking with one buddy keeps me out of trouble and satisfied when needed.

A Bad Leak

It took almost two days but the plumber finally came to fix our lovely leaking pipe under our bathroom sink. It isn’t the worst leak in the world but it is enough to annoy us from having to change out the bucket from under the leak. When the plumber finally arrived we were about to get excited until we saw who it was. It was a man I had left my husband for for a short period of time years ago. He worked at Newcastle escorts service and I just felt at that moment in time that it was a good idea to chase him. My husband almost chocked when he answered the door but he let him in knowing that we needed the repair done today. After he left he gave me the evil eye like I had something to do with the whole thing. I should have known a crazy idea would pop into his head.